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Emil J Gera Concrete Contractor Inc
570 - 427 - 8482
3847 Buck Mountain Road   Weatherly  PA   18255
Here are some pictures  of our latest work. All photos are our own work.
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Decorative concrete requires care. DO NOT USE harsh, citrus, strong cleaners. It will strip the concrete of sealer and damage the color.   Use water and  mild ivory dish soap if needed. Most times can just be rinsed off with water. It is best that we do maintanace work on our jobs when needed.  Usually every couple years. Depends on wear, environment etc. Doing it yourself may cause problems and even cause an issue  that we cannot repair it.  Not all products are the same  or compatible with the ones we use. Time and material will be billed for what is done. We only do maintenance work on OUR work.
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