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About Emil J Gera Concrete
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Emil J Gera Concrete Contractor Inc operates in Weatherly, Pennsylvania. The business was started by Emil J. and Linda Gera in 1989 and incorporated in 1992.
Emil J. Gera CEO
Emil Gera, Jr.
​Emil worked for J Miorelli & Co. for 13 years as a union cement finisher. He and Wife Linda started Emil J Gera Concrete  in 1989 and incorporated the business in 1992.
Emil Jr, son, is your decorative concrete specialist with over 25 years experience in the decorative field! He continues ongoing training and seminars to ensure up-to-date styles and techniques in the world of decorative concrete. He is very active with the Concrete Decor Show & Magazine. He has also been featured as Artisan in Concrete. Check it out.  Concrete Decor Magazine
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Both Linda Gera, Emil Sr's wife and Lenora Gera, Emil Jr's wife  work in the Gera Concrete office. 
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