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Emil J Gera Concrete Contractor Inc
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We take our concrete work seriously! We are your top of the line company providing you with the very best workmanship in concrete work. There are no duplicators.

 Emil Sr, at 62, who has NOT retired, still working as hard as ever,  has been in the concrete field of work with over 43 years of  commercial and residental construction and concrete experience. Growing up he worked with his father Emil, union carpenter,  building homes. Emil  started out at age 19,  as a laborer and advanced quickly to becoming a union cement finisher for J Miorelli & Co of Hazleton for 13 years and also maintained a side  concrete business of his own. His company is his life and enjoys what he does! He will never retire!

Then he and his wife, Linda took their concrete business fulltime in 1989. Linda maintains all the office  and accounting needs.They have been married 43 years. They have three children, Emil Jr, married to Lenora Thomas .......Lynn , married to Jeff  Mason  and Keri who works for the Standard Speaker, Hazleton and a real estate agent for Lewith & Freeman.   Also three granddaughters, Katelyn Gera, Riley Mason and Zoe Mason. The joys of their life!

 Emil Jr, son, is your decorative concrete specialist with over 24  years experience in the decorative field! He continues ongoing training and seminars to ensure up-to-date styles and techniques in the world of decorative concrete. He is very active with the Concrete Decor Show & Magazine being featured as Artisan in Concrete. Check it out.  Concrete Decor Magazine. Emil's wife Lenora also works with Linda in the office. They have a daughter, Katelyn.

When it comes to raising the bar and setting new limits in the decorative concrete industry, you are not 
going to find many that are more talented than our own, Emil Jr. Over the years concrete has evolved
so much that many clients are not interested in just settling for plain ordinary broom finished sidewalks 
and patios. Homeowners are wanting aesthetically eye appealing stamped decorative concrete to 
compliment and enhance their homes. No longer are we just providing sidewalks, patios and pool areas 
but now have expanded into making entertainment sanctuaries. While stamped concrete is nothing 
new to Gera Concrete, this new direction in outdoor beautification has really been an awesome 
opportunity for Emil Jr. to let his true talent shine. He took an interest in the decorative area some 20 
plus years ago and boy how things have changed! 

 We have had a lot of wonderful customers over the years and some repeat ones too, that have asked 
for some “out of the box” ideas. Bringing those ideas to reality is Emil Jr.’s specialty. He has always had 
the ingenuity and foresight to make it happen. Emil Jr. has created fabulous works of art such as: fire 
pits and fire places hand carved out of concrete, a beautiful waterfall baptismal for a church, hand 
etched and painted sunflower design in a floor and far too many more to mention. These masterpieces 
have drawn attention to his ability. He is well admired and respected among his peers and they have 
given him many praises on his concrete conquests. His relentless passion for decorative concrete is what
has been getting him noticed in the concrete industry for producing indefinite possibilities in concrete. For
years, he has been attending annual conventions, seminars and shows to keep up on the latest in 
decorative concrete. Emil Jr. has met many of the top men and women in the decorative field by 
going to these events always learning something no matter how big or small. Due to his artistic ability, 
tireless efforts and dedication, Emil Jr. has now worked his way into being one of those well known 
names in concrete. He has worked along side of many of these fellow artesians at these shows 
performing demonstrations and teaching product applications and techniques.

 Emil Jr. has had decorative projects featured in several magazines such as Concrete Decor and Concrete Construction. Some projects have been featured in advertisement for the products that he uses. This past January at the World of Concrete show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Emil Jr. was in charge of leading a group of fellow artisans at the Decorative Concrete LIVE! Most recently, Engrave-A-Crete featured him on 
Instagram for using their saw to engrave a floor design. 

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what he creates next!

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Emil Sr or Emil Jr makes it a point to visit each jobsite and discuss any questions or concerns with the client. And both are always on every job with their crew, every day! Once we start a job, we are there till we are finished. No skipping from one place to another. We dedicate our time and efforts to one project at a time! We want to provide each of our clients with a superior job at a great price being completed in a timely professional manner.

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