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WE will no longer be able to hold contract prices from year to year due to everything going up up up and changing.  It is needed to check next year with the guys on the price changes required to do the contract work in the future.
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Letter from supplier about price increases.​ And this is happening with all suppliers. As well as employees wages.

March I, 2021
Dear Valued Customer,
In the past few months, we have incurred price increases across the board on raw minerals,
pigments and plastics. Transportation costs also continue to soar and with the rising cost of fuel we
expect no relief as we move forward. Unfortunately, these inbound costs touch everything we
-manufacture As a result, Kingdom Products is-announcing a 5% price increase, effective April 1,
2021. This price increase will be effective on all orders shipping April 1, 2021 and after.
You should expect to see an increase in outbound freight charges as well, regardless of freight
terms, selected freight company or discounts with carriers. Please adjust your costs accordingly.
We assure you that Kingdom Products will continue to respond vigorously to the challenges our
industry faces. Manufacturing premium quality materials and offering premium quality private label
processing services will always be our highest priority. Please feel free to contact us with any
questions or concerns you may have. We truly appreciate your loyalty, support and friendship over
the years.
Bart J Sacco
Kingdom Products
June, July and August 2021
We will not be looking at or estimating any jobs during these months.
Due to an extreme work load and lack of employee workers.
We are still working with some last year contracts that have not been done. 
We need to dedicate our time and work at this time to the people who have been patiently and graciously waiting for us.