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Please help fellow neighbors, 
Keith and Nancy Wheeler.

 good people needing a helping hand in their life.
Now they need our help. First let me give you a little history about Keith and Nancy. Nancy had cancer when she was younger and beat it. She had been cancer free for a long while. Keith on the other hand had some back issues due to an injury he had sustained while serving in the Marines during Vietnam. He had back surgery at that time and thought he was ok.


Well about 2 1/2 years ago things started to go south for Keith and Nancy. First Nancy's cancer started to rear it ugly head again. This time in the form of Intestinal Cancer. So more surgery and Chemo Therapy. Then Keith was having a very difficult time walking and was in severe pain. He went into the hospital for back surgery where they discovered that the original surgeons nicked his spine. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do to help him. They told Keith that eventually he would end up in a wheel chair.
More to read on gofundme page, go to donate to read.